GoNovate G8 Bluetooth Earbud

GoNovate G8 Bluetooth Earbud

Incredible Playtime
Built-in 55±5 maH Lithium-ion battery, delivering 5-6H of audio playtime (30-40% volume) – Longest playtime among similar sized bluetooth headsets. 7h is not possible at 30-40% volume unless battery capacity is 70-80 mAh – which cannot fit in an earbud this small.

Easy Magnetic Charging
With a magnet built inside the charger, G8 earbud magnetically sticks to the charging prongs – no plugging/unplugging needed. Make charging just a bit more convinient, no more fiddling around with cables or cords.

2 Chargers, Always Have a Backup
Flexible charger:Rotates midway about its hinge to a full right angle, customize how you want the earbud docked.
Non-Adjustable charger:Stuck at a right angle. Use predominantly in a car, so the charger stays in place while in motion.

Customer-Centric Experience
Voice prompts for G8 earbud are in English, with no other language programmed. Concise, easy to read user manual. Friendly customer support always at your service.

What’s In The Box?

  • 1x GoNovate G8 Bluetooth earphone (1 earbud, NOT A PAIR)
  • 2x Magnetic USB Chargers
  • 1x Eartip (S/M/L)
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Carrying case

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  • Hassle-Free Magnetic Charging: Includes 2 magnetic USB chargers, leave 1 at home and 1 in vehicle. Make charging more convenient, simply line up G8 earbud to the charging pin and earbud will attach to it magnetically. Plug in anywhere a USB can be connected: wall, laptop and even in your car.
  • Exceptionally Discreet Earbud w/ No Flash: Take this tiny bluetooth earpiece anywhere and pop it into your ear when the opportunity arises, with no annoying flash to distract you every few seconds.So inconspicuous with very little ear protrusion,enjoy listening to your favorite music or podcast discreetly. Includes: 1 x Stylish carrying case to protect and store your G8 earbud when not in use. NOTE: Only 1 earbud included, NOT a pair.
  • Best-in-Class 5.5 hr Playtime: Built-in 55 +/- 5 maH Lithium-Ion battery, 5-6 hour audio playtime at 30-40% volume, 1.5 hr to charge. (tested on iPhone 6s/7) NOTE: Playtime limited by size: 7h is NOT possible at 30-40% volume unless battery capacity is 70-80 mAh – which cannot fit in a earbud this small. NOTE: Please DO NOT charge the earbud on a charger with > 5V output.
  • Comfortable, Secure Fit: G8 earbud feels so light and natural you’ll hardly notice it’s there. Ergonomic designed to conform with the shapes of your ear, along with S/M/L ear tips, G8 ear bud will stay in your ear securely. Fits either ear, left or right. Coming out clear, crisp sound for music,audiobooks, podcasts and handsfree calls.
  • Strong Signal: Enjoy a skip-free audio over a wireless range of 33 feet, powered by Bluetooth 4.1. Compatibile with most Bluetooth enabled devices:Smartphones (iPhone 7, Samsung S7) and tablets (iPad, Kindle Fire. Supports Multipoint Technology, connect 2 smartphones and answer calls from either one.


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